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Our formula for successful investment management starts with trust.

As wealth managers, we know that helping you achieve your financial goals is a combination of experience, expertise, service and communication. At Steigerwald, Gordon & Koch Wealth Advisors, this process includes: 

  • A high level of personal, collaborative service that makes investing easier, more efficient – and provides you more time to accomplish the things you like.  Every successful client relationship begins and ends with trust. We strive to earn yours through a series of meetings that help you articulate your goals and objectives and identify your true risk tolerance. Our investment strategy is then designed to reflect the total you – and your comprehensive wealth profile.
  • Independence that eliminates conflict of interest between our firm and our clients.  As independent advisors, we offer the same products and services of a larger firm with the personal attention of a small firm. Depending on your specific needs, our money management includes creation of plans, investment recommendations and investment in asset classes and areas that can best serve your goals based on your risk, time horizon and other considerations that are relevant to you as an individual.
  • The ability to select the best ancillary advisors. Our independence also allows us to help you select attorneys, CPAs and insurance representatives and other experts that are right for you and your goals.
  • Independent research, equity reports, and email reports. We are research-based money managers and therefore strive to provide our clients information to keep them well informed about matters that we know are important to them as investors.
  • Proactive investment management. We continually monitor your portfolio and make adjustments when necessary due to market fluctuations, the ability to gain tax advantages, and when personal matters have affected your objectives or risk.
  • Cutting-edge technology and resources. You can secure all your financial records online – 24/7 – through our Vault Technology. You can also find continually updated commentary, articles and white papers to keep you informed about topics that are valuable to you as an investor, such as estate planning, tax advantages and charitable giving. Weekly emails and proprietary equity research reports keep you informed about things you need to know about your account – and the markets. Our feeling is a successful client is an educated one.

    *The specific scope of services provided below will depend upon client's needs/directions.



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