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Wealth Management that's focused on the total you.

Wealth represents the numerous aspects of your life, from your family to your career, from the reality of your life to your dreams. It is the total you.

So it stands to reason that Wealth Management needs to be more than selecting investment products. It must integrate all facets of who you are as a person and investor. At Steigerwald, Gordon & Koch Wealth Advisors, we specialize in getting to know you so that we can provide value to your financial life through appropriate:

  • Risk Management. Management of risk involves everything about your life, including family dynamics, the birth of a new family member, death of a loved one, changes in real estate, college plans and charitable donations. By delving deeper into who you are, what you believe in, and what you want to protect, we can better understand your risk tolerance and what investments best protect your wealth.
  • Estate & Tax Planning. Unlike other firms, we understand that financial planning is more than just dollars and cents. It also includes understanding your estate, from how to gain the most benefits for you today and how to protect it for future generations. We are attentive and diligent in managing your total financial plans and investments so that you gain optimum benefits, including harvesting losses to gain tax advantages. We also include Charitable Giving, which allows you to reward those organizations that you admire while gaining a tax advantages for you and your heirs that you may have overlooked.
  • Fee-only Financial Planning, Investment Management and Advice. As fee-only advisors we have the ability to select investments that strive to maximize long-term results in a variety of markets without a conflict of interest. We also offer fee-only advice on additional assets held in outside accounts and other areas that constitute your “total wealth”, such as real estate, refinancing and major purchases that may impact your financial plan and investments. This type of integration of services and information can help you build a more solid financial plan.
  • Lowered costs and full transparency of fees. We strongly believe that your success as an investor comes from lowered costs, and that your trust in us comes from full transparency of fees. At SGK Wealth Advisors, we choose investments that are best for your goals and offer full transparency of the fees charged to your portfolio.



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